The Newborn Screening Technical assistance and Evaluation Program (NewSTEPs) is a national newborn screening resource center designed to provide data, technical assistance, and training to newborn screening programs and assist states with quality improvement initiatives. It functions with the goal of improving outcomes for newborns by facilitating newborn screening initiatives and programmatic outcomes to improve the overall quality of the newborn screening system.

of the more than four million newborns born in the United States each year are screened by public health laboratories for various genetic disorders.

Newborn screening is a state public health service intended to identify individuals in a population who may be at an increased risk of a certain disorder. It is recognized as the largest and most successful disease prevention system in the United States and saves or improves the lives of over 12,000 babies a year.


Dynamic newborn screening systems have access to and utilize accurate, relevant information to achieve and maintain excellence through continuous quality improvement.


To achieve the highest quality for newborn screening systems by providing relevant, accurate tools and resources and to facilitate collaboration between state programs and other newborn screening partners.


Association of Public Health Laboratories

Specialist Funke Akinsola, MPH oluwafunke.akinsola@aphl.org
Erin Darby
Senior Specialist Erin Darby, MPH, MCHES erin.darby@aphl.org
Specialist Hiral Desai, MS hiral.desai@aphl.org
Senior Specialist Sari Edelman, MPH sari.edelman@aphl.org
Senior Specialist, New Disorders Kshea Hale, MPH kshea.hale@aphl.org
Chenelle Norman
Manager Chenelle Norman, MPH chenelle.norman@aphl.org
Senior Specialist Trey Pigg trey.pigg@aphl.org
Director Jelili Ojodu, MPH jelili.ojodu@aphl.org
Senior Specialist Ruthanne Sheller, MPH ruthanne.sheller@aphl.org
Deputy Director Sikha Singh, MHS, PMP sikha.singh@aphl.org
Kayana Walters
Specialist Kayana Walters, MPH kayana.walters@aphl.org
Manager Guisou Zarbalian, MS, MPH guisou.zarbalian@aphl.org

Colorado School of Public Health

Associate Director, NewSTEPs 360 | Program Evaluator, NewSTEPs Yvonne Kellar-Guenther, PhD ykellar-guenther@ciinternational.com
Project Manager, NewSTEPs 360 Sarah McKasson, MPH sarah.mckasson@cuanschutz.edu
Research Instructor, Epidemiology Joshua Miller, MPH jmiller@ciinternational.com
Director, NewSTEPs 360 | Associate Director, NewSTEPs Marci Sontag, PhD msontag@ciinternational.com

NewSTEPs Governance Chart

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